Chief Technology Officer

Calgary, AB

Job Description:

Determine the company's technical and technological direction as conveyed through policies and product road map development which are met through the effective management of human, financial and material resources
Authorize and organize the establishment for the technological departments and associated senior staff positions to complete the build and go to market of the product.
Approve promotional campaigns; and approve overall strategy for the build and delivery of the product.
Represent the organization, or delegate representatives to act on behalf of the organization, in negotiations or other official functions with third party service providers.
Execute, build upon, and scale the business’ product and technology vision including (but not limited to) the software platform, integration with web applications, and data-driven features powered by AI.
Be hands-on to lead the build of the minimum viable product as well as commercialization.
Build, scale and lead a high-caliber team as required to make the best product possible.
Own technical architecture and development. Assume accountability for the design, implementation, and evolution of the technical systems. This includes making decisions regarding the selection of technologies, architecture design, and engagement with vendors or partners.
Collaborate with the CEO to leverage their subject-matter expertise and understand the data collation behind the software.
Build and manage the development roadmap, define and track KPIs, progress, and budget.
Work closely with the CEO and Investors/Board to align on strategic priorities

Job Requirements:

The person has previous experience working in the renewable energy sector and is familiar with the software stack and/or web integrations in energy management systems.
Experience with EV, energy storage and electricity grid management.
Track record of building exceptional and scalable software products from scratch.
Experience with data science, machine learning, and building at the intersection of software and data-driven analytics, product development using agile methodologies (scrum etc.), and building and scaling enterprise web integrations.
Previously sourced and led strong teams across all technology functions (development, architecture, DevOps, cybersecurity, etc.).
Exceptional people manager with experience organizing and managing cross-functional product development teams/squads.
Experience working in fast-growth environments in early stage companies.
Previous experience in imbedded and control systems.


Extended Medical and Dental
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  • Job type: full-time
  • Wage: $87.41 / hour
  • Experience: 5-years-or-more
  • Education: masters-degree